Maximize your warehouse efficiency

Modern online warehouse management app.

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Centralized  Order  Management

Simplify fulfillment with centralized order management

Get your products where they need to be with streamlined inventory, orders, fulfillment, and shipping.

Inventory management

Save time and money with tools that help you manage, monitor and move your inventory across multiple locations.

Order management and fulfillment

Get orders where they’re going sooner with the shipping and fulfillment methods that work for you.

Returns and refunds

Increase customer trust with headache free returns and refunds that are easy to manage.

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Improve performance & process time

Better organize your warehouse with the smart double entry inventory system.

Get the most efficient stocking method and improve all your internal operations. Spaza's double-entry inventory has no stock input, output or transformation. Instead, all operations are stock moves between locations.

Less stock, no stockouts

with fully automated replenishment.

Use order points and automated RFQs to make your supply chain more efficient than ever.

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Experience total traceability 

Track every stock move from purchase to warehouse bin to sales order. Trace lots or serials upstream or downstream from anywhere in your supply chain.

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Manage recurring invoices and easily track your cost


Your journals at your fingertips


Getting paid with online payment

The power of Shopify in the palm of your hand

Run your business on the go by managing products, payments, shipping, and fulfillment, all from our mobile app.
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Real-time reporting
Stay in control wherever you go with accurate, up-to-the-minute reporting on traffic, sales, and conversions.
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Add products
Easily add products from anywhere. Upload new or existing photos, edit details, set pricing, and more.
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Manage inventory
Keep inventory under control no matter where you are. Use your mobile device to scan, transfer, and keep accurate counts of inventory.
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Fulfil orders
Get hands-on with your fulfillment. Print packing slips, create shipping labels, and fulfill orders all from your mobile device.
How We Work

Spaza Process

How to get started on Spaza

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Start your account

Login with Spaza to your industry of choice

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Setup your store

Setup your company, setup your warehouse and add your products

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Manage your Inventory

Start processing your orders and managing your inventory.

Pricing Plans

No additional costs. Pay for what you use.

Choose the most suitable service for your needs with reasonable price.

Inventory Subscription
$   5   /month
Inventory Subscription
$   59      /year