Hiring Processes Made Easy

From sourcing to contract, handle your recruitment process easily.

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Organize your vacancies and job applications 

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Set up your job board, promote your job listings and easily keep track of submitted applications. Follow every applicant and build a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents. No need to outsource your recruitment - handle everything internally in a simple and professional way.

Customize your recruitment process

Define your own stages and interviewers.

Use the kanban view and customize the steps of your recruitments process: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc. Get accurate statistics on your recruitment pipeline.

Use reports to compare the performance of postings you have made on different external job boards and easily change your strategy and recruitment plan based on the results.

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Build relationships right from recruitment, and make the right hire every time

Keep track of where your candidates are at every hiring stage and optimize your recruitment process with advanced analytics.

Careers pages that convert

Attract talent and boost applications with careers  pages that put your brand and jobs in the spotlight.

Advanced job search and filtering
Mobile-friendly design
SEO, for better discoverability
Auto-updating job lists

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Integrated Documents

Define your own documents management process.
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Create your job positions and publish them.
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Receive the first applications.
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Find the filled documents in the Documents app.

Deliver a modern candidate experience

Delight candidates with engaging careers pages, mobile-friendly applications and easy interview scheduling. Actively engage applicants in every interaction with thoughtful tools and templates.

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Image DescriptionCustomizable careers pages

Customizable careers pages

Boost your employer brand in just a few clicks with Spaza's branded careers page builder.

Interview self-scheduling

Cut the back-and-forth and let your candidates schedule a time that works best with Spaza's self-schedule link.

Mobile-friendly application forms

Make it easy to apply with one-click applications, mobile optimization and resume auto-fill.

Resurface and re-engage past candidates

Boost your employer brand in just a few clicks with Spaza's branded careers page builder.

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Intuitive interface

Stay up-to-date with visual dashboards, a click-efficient UI and built-in best practices..

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Mobile recruiting

Hire on-the-go with a top-rated app. Complete tasks, review candidates, approve requests and more.

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Access rights and roles

Define which tasks hiring team members should (and can) perform and what information they see.

Make the right hiring decisions

Guide your hiring teams through fair and objective evaluations so you can mitigate bias, evaluate objectively and move the best candidates forward.

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Anonymized screening

Mitigate unconscious bias by anonymizing candidate data in the screening stages.

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Interview kits

Implement structured hiring processes for fair and consistent evaluations.

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Video interviews

Screen at scale with native one-way video interviews and live video integrations.

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Gauge the aptitude of your candidate pool with built-in cognitive and personality tests.

Hire at scale

Move faster on a platform that automates time consuming tasks and streamlines hiring from requisition to offer letter. Built-in budgeting and reporting make it easy to identify and resolve bottlenecks.

Hiring plan

Plan, track and manage your hiring and budget in one centralized workspace.

E-signatures and offer letters

Get candidate signatures faster with built-in e-signature and offer templates.

Recruiting reports and analytics

Instantly see the data that matters. Share it with those it matters to most.

Turn hired candidates into successful employees

Provide your new hires with an exceptionally easy and organized onboarding process that results in an employee profile that lasts their tenure with your company.

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Onboard new hires

Create custom workflows to help your new hires start smoothly, including document review and e-signature.

Manage employee information

Centralize each employee’s personal and job specific info in one place – their updateable employee profile.

Organize company documents

Store all company related documents in one place, easily accessible to all employees. Have them e-sign docs, too.

Manage time off 

Make it easy for employees to track and request time off, and for their managers to approve it.

How We Work

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How to get started on Spaza

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Start your account

Login with Spaza to your industry of choice

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Setup your store

Setup your store name, add your products and select our Spaza POS 

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Sell! Sell! Sell!

Start selling to your customer in person using the Spaza POS App

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