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Spaza IO Features

CRM Features


Create campaigns to automatically send emails tailored to the lead segment and activities of the lead.

Reduce data entry

Get leads automatically created from emails and online forms. Send quotes in just a few clicks, manage your pipeline with drag & drop, etc.

Activities and calls management

Organize sequence of activities per opportunity. Schedule activities. Log every activity immediately in the opportunity’s chatter with predefined actions. Track, log and analyse the activities of your team.

Customize stages

Customize your pipeline by adding description on stages.

Import Leads

Easily import prospects files with Spaza IO column matching tool.

Large screen view

Optimized view for large screens, with the opportunity form on the left and a scrollable chatter on the right.

Pipeline management

Get a clear overview of the opportunity pipeline. Work faster with the drag & drop interface. Set up specific stages for each sales team.

Customer Preferences

Set customer preferences easily: language, delivery methods, financial data, etc.

Sales Features


Easy quotation software that allows you to send polished quotations with online signing and online payment.

Contract management

Invoice customers based on time and materials, easily record contracts and track invoicing phases, maintain renewal and upselling opportunities.

Order & contract sorting

Convert quotations into sales orders with a single click, or let the customer sign off on it with a simple electronic signature.

Let your customers help themselves

The customer portal gives your customers access to their quotations, sales orders, and delivery orders.

Purchase & Expense Features

Manage suppliers & purchase orders

Improve your supply chain & inventory performance

Online expense management

Easily manage employee expenses, Managing your employees’ daily expenses has never been easier.

Experience total traceability

Track every stock move with our unique double-entry inventory system.

Productivity Features

Create and assign projects

Organize your employees workload by assigning them tasks and projects.


Enable the sub-task feature project by project. Create multi-level subtasks to manage the relationship between tasks.

Agile Project Management

Neat and efficient overview of your projects. Keep track of deadlines with a clear calendar view. Allocate the necessary time to specific tasks under a planned shift.

Customer Tickets

Use issues to track support contracts, tickets, bug reports.

From Sales to Tasks

Do not lose track of the work that needs to get done, streamline processes between teams creating projects or tasks from sales orders.

Create tickets

Customers can create tickets via email, Website form, Leads and on the fly.

Project overview

Get the most important information of your project at a glance: time spent, time forecasted, rates, billable hours, etc.

Prioritize your tickets

You can choose different levels of priority for your tickets.

Send reminders

Activate a periodical email reminder for timesheet users to create a timesheet or to approve it for managers.

Activity Log

The activity log attached to every task gives you a detailed history of all activities on the document.


Work on single or multiple projects at the same time. Perform multi-project analysis and searches.

Forecast needs & resources

Plan ahead for upcoming projects with forecasts based on comparable projects and estimate deadlines more accurately. Compare forecasts with real timesheets for increased profitability.