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Spaza Site Features

Website Features

Pre-Built Layouts

Build a page using pre-designed structures for specific purposes such as Contact, About, Blog, Portfolio, Products, and more. Page elements are arranged to quickly create professional layouts and showcase your content. Add or remove blocks to create a custom look.

Built-in Mobile Websites

Every design automatically includes a unique mobile experience that matches the overall style of your website, so your content will look great on every device, every time.

Content Types

Add and manage text, photos, videos, audio, galleries, products, newsletter sign-ups, appointments, calendars, tour dates, reservations, menus, forms, maps, links, files, social links, buttons, quotes, custom code, charts, and more.

Professional themes

Change theme in a few clicks, and browse through Spaza Site’s catalog of ready-to-use themes available in our app store.

Blog Features


You can publish, draft, and schedule posts, and flag drafts as Needs Review.

Word processor text editing

Create and update your text content through an editor designed to replicate the word processor experience.

Category/Tag Support

Tag and category support provide two levels of organization.

Portfolio Features


Add images to pages, blog posts, galleries, or banners.


Add playable audio files to pages or blog posts.


Add videos to pages, blog posts, section backgrounds, or lock screen backgrounds.

Portfolio Pages

Create stylized landing pages that link visitors to sub-pages. This is a great way to organize and showcase galleries, projects, portfolio highlights, and other content in one place.